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If you have a sick or injured Dog of Cat at night or on the weekends when your regular veterinarian is closed, one of the best options is KPEC Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic

Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic

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Open Nights - 7pm to 7am Monday - Thursday,
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This is the place to bring your DOG OR CAT. That is their focus, and what they are set up to effectively treat for any and all emergency situations.

Affordably Priced, convenient location off exit 387 on I-40, at the end of Alcoa Hwy.

Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic saved our dogs!

~ Terry Mercer

Joint Supplements

Defining your GOALS is important. Ultimately, it comes down to TIME or MONEY for most people. 

The 'quick fix'
(pain relief, that fixes nothing, but makes things more tolerable for a time)


'Pure  Nutritional Support'
(supplies nutrients natural TO THE BODY to help  promote healing and health,
but does nothing for the pain until  the healing occurs)

We understand pain killers, pain blockers, and symptom maskers are sometimes necessary,

However, those type of items should never be in a daily supplement intended for use over a prolonged period of time,
but rather used WHEN NEEDED, AS NEEDED, as directed by a health professional 
that is able to see the body, and knows what other medications and treatment that body is currently on (or using).  

Below are some opinions, options, and things to seriously consider:



Safe. Popular. Well Established. Concentrated Formula. One of the first joint supplements on the market in the early 90's. Quality manufacturing, lowest molecular-weight chondroitin available.

Fractionally effective. It uses the wrong form of Glucosamine (see the GAIT study).

Paid Celebrity Endorsements.

Bottom Line:​​​
It is safe, and absolutely better than nothing. But it's not the best, and science has proven that many times over the years. Even their own science shows 50% of the glucosamine and up to 70% of their chondroitin is in the poop within 24 hours.



(same as Cosequin with Avocado and Soybean (Unsaponifiables) and MSM added to make it different for their professionals. They did this to stave off complaints from the veterinarians, when they  released Cosequin mainstream, to Wal-mart and other retailers. 

See the GAIT study. It's the wrong type of glucosamine (HCl). ASU is natural vegetable extracts made from avocado and soybean oils,  consisting of the leftover fraction (approximately 1%) that cannot be  made into soap after mxing with lye. Ewww (and we thought hotdogs were kinda gross)

Bottom Line:​​​
It is safe, and absolutely better than nothing. 2015 study shows ASU can help kill pain in some subjects, but caution is given in daily supplementation for a prolonged period of time.. 


Director of Design

Appears to be safe, based on label.

Using glucosamine HCl (wrong form).

Magic wild card ingredient: DMG (N.N-Dimethylglycine) which is used for attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), allergies, respiratory disorders, pain and swelling (inflammation), cancer, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

Who knows what else it does and interacts with (positively or negatively)... or how it effects the body... really. Just wrap your head around that list (look it up for yourself if you have any doubts).

Bottom Line:​​​
Not recommended in a daily supplement intended for prolonged use, longer than 28 days (see WebMD)

Arthrosamine - BeefyChewables

MD's Choice, Inc.

Established since 1995. Concentrated Formula.

Uses the RIGHT TYPE of glucosamine (sulphate 2KCl), uses best form of MSM (Opti-MSM). Amino-acid chelated Manganese.

No filler, No herbs, over 20 years of positive history.  A+ BBB Rating and Results Based Guarantee, both since 1995.

Not immediate relief, because there is No pain killer, pain blockers, or masking agents. And it's not sold mainstream or world-wide, but nearly nearly everyone can get it through professionals, select resellers, or a few mail order options. Call the company for a reseller near you!

Bottom Line:​​​
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, because it is safe and effective! Up to 98% absorption within 30 to 45 minutes, but because there is no pain killer, it merely means the body is getting what it needs, in forms it can use.

If pain is an issue, add a pain relief product as directed by your healthcare provider. 

TerraMax Pro


Good: If you are looking for a pain blocker, this could be an option, because of the HA. MSM should help the synovial fluids, depending on where it comes from.

Almost Proper warning on label about not recommended for breeding animals, OR pregnant, or lactating females.

Solid GOOD Warnings about other potential contraindications worth reading and knowing about.

Any positive someone might think they are getting from this product, the reality is glucosamine isn't stable in liquid, particularly the HCl form, which is what they use in this product.​​​​

Also, WHY Aloe Vera in a supplement intended for daily use for a prolonged period of time? 

Bottom Line:​​​
Not recommended, because it is ultimately an herbal masking product.


Founder, CTO

There doesn't appear to be anything in the product that will harm a dog. MSM should help some, though it's likely a tiny dose.

Laughable label, really. 400mg of some top secret proprietary formula that doesn't even disclose what type of glucosamine it's using (or how much... but we know it's some small fraction of that 400mg).

For those that don't know, Type II Chicken Collegen is another name for LARGE molecule chondroitin.

Bottom Line:​​​
Not recommended, because it contains the wrong type of ingredients, and the exact types and amounts are unknown. So no real comparisons are possible, aside from the size of the entire formula is just 400mg. Maybe big enough for that 1lb lap dog, but not for a larger dog with arthritis or other joint issues.

Glucosamine DS Plus


Hey, there is some MSM and Omega Fatty Acides, Vitamin C& E

Read the GAIT Study (glucosamine HCl & chondroitin sulphate). There is Yucca in a daily supplement intended for prolonged use. Seriously?

Bottom Line:​​​
Not recommended, because of the YUCCA mostly, but the type of glucosamine next. Rosemary in a daily supplement?

Phycox Max


Contains MSM, good for synovial fluids. Might help with pain.

Read the GAIT Study. The label should give pause to most people. Go down the list of unique things:

Phycocyanin is the scientific name for BLUE-GREEN ALGAE, which is potentially a double edge sword. Check it out.

Cinnamon - messes with insulin and blood sugar levels. Not bad if those problems exist, and you're aware... but might cause problem side effects where there weren't any, if too much is used or used wrongly.

Tumeric 50mg - seriously? WHY? Blood Thinner, no curcumin which help it work. Just a name on label?

CoQ10 - 5mg, WHY in a joint product?  Another name for label that's different that every one else?

FlaxSeed Oil - 500mg,  Cranberry Extract, EPA, DHA,  WHY?

Then there is Gymnema Sylvestre a shrub native to India and Africa. Hindi name, gurmar, means "destroyer of sugar."  (see cinnamon above?). Today, it is used for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, and cough. Also used for malaria and as a snake bite antidote, digestive stimulant, laxative, appetite suppressant, and diuretic. WHY is this in a daily joint supplement?

Bottom Line:​​​ EXTREME CAUTION! Use only under Veterinarian Specific Directions! One must ask WHY these things are in a JOINT SUPPLEMENT!



It appears to be safe. And has an interesting ingredients list, with some beneficial ingredients. However, most are more for DIGESTION than joints.

Whole Grd Flaxseed (8510mg)
Norwgian Kelp (7500mg)
Bee Pollen, Lactobacillus, Acidophilus (1300mg combined)
Shark Cartilage (300mg)
Glucosamine Sulfate (500mg)
MSM (300mg)

Not really enough to help fix, repair, or improve any major joint issue.

Bottom Line:​​​
Useful for animals with digestive issues, and either no joint issues (as preventive support), or very moderate concerns..

Vet's Best

Vets Best

*Might* be reasonable pain blocker for a month or so.

Not only does it contain the wrong type of glucosamine, but they are apparently relying on the MSM to be their sole sulpher source for that glucosamine.

More importantly, is the pain killer cocktail:

Bromelain (250mg)
White Willow Bark (50mg)
Yucca (20mg)

Bottom Line:​​​
NOT recommended if there are ANY digestive issues, or you want maximum longevity. See

Hip & Joint Mobility Bites

Zesty Paws

Appears to be safe, based on label. Has 400mg of MSM, which should help the synovial fluids. The Kelp and Vitamin E wouldn't hurt anything, but don't have much to do with the joints.

Wrong type of glucosamine (see the GAIT Study). Also, has Yucca, which should NOT be in a daily supplement intended for prolonged use.

Rosemary Extract? Rosemary is used for digestion problems, including heartburn, intestinal gas (flatulence), liver and gallbladder complaints, and loss of appetite. It is also used for gout, cough, headache, high blood pressure, and reducing age-related memory loss. Doesn't have anything to do with joints.

Bottom Line:​​​
Personally don't suggest any daily supplement intended for use over a prolonged period of time that contains Yucca.


Joint MAX

Not sure, maybe herbal cocktail symptom blocker?

MSM - synovial fluids
HA - pain blocker
Chondroitin - to help that wrong glucosamine get some use.

Wrong type of glucosamine (HCl), see the GAIT Study. But more importantly, are the splash of other ingredients.

Creatine (muscle), EPA, DHA, ALA, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Grape Seed, Valerian, Cranberry, which have little to nothing to do with JOINTS. (Remember, this is supposed to be a joint supplement?!)

Bottom Line:​​​
I wouldn't spend a dime on this, or their liquid product after all the scientific research that has been done. The fact a company willingly sells glucosamine in liquid tells me they really don't understand the reality of science or nutrition!


IVS - International Veterinary Science

Well, it appears to be SAFE

Just when you think you've seen everything, knowing that science has proven that glucosamine HCl must have the HCl molecule switched for a sulpher molecule for the joint tissue to actually see it, and use it... and someone sells a product without any sulpher source. Baffling, really. 

Bottom Line:​​​
The bottle says 'healthy joints & bones' but... you can see the ingredients. REALLY? .

LubiSyn HA


Potentially good PAIN KILLER, though there are well documented absorption issues of Oral HA in more than a few studies, showing that 95% passes through the body and 90% of the 5% that stays is found in the brain stem and bone marrow. Think about that. It appears to be a pain blocker?

Nothing to 'heal' or even help the body heal. See 

Bottom Line:​​​
With science showing that 95% passes through the body, and 90% of the 5% that remains is found in the brain stem and bone marrow, it's tough to think this does anything more than block pain.  However, some clients  have reported a decrease of pain while using this, but  absolutely no structural change. (pain lessened, problems  continued).

Cety M

Response Products

Possibly a great PAIN KILLER

The Clucosamine HCl (which is the wrong form), and the Bromelain, keep me from giving this another star. Read the very real over dose and misuse warnings.  See 

Bottom Line:​​​
There really is some promising science on Cetyl Myristoleate, in rats and small dogs with induced arthritis symptoms. As a preventive, this INGREDIENT (not necessarily the product) seems to have helped in some studies.  

Personally, I would consider using Cetyl Myristoleate (but likely not this product because of the Bromelain) AS A PAIN KILLER  alternative, if there was a new client or injury, over most OTC (over the counter) pain killers. 

Joint Rescue


They have a pretty label!

Another herbal cocktail! WOW! Plus a pile of ingredients that don't have anything to do with the joints.

Boswellia, Bromelain, Yucca, Curcumin/Tumeric are covered in (and WebMD).

Notice their label claims 'glucosamine sulfate' - but doesn't say WHICH KIND?

Methionine, Cooper, and Zinc are commonly found in HOOF supplements (I was looking for the Biotin also, nope... so apparently they removed that for the dog product).

Calcium is a CARBONATE! Really, ground up limestone! Plus it doesn't have anything to do with 'joints' - really, other than joints are at the ends of BONES, usually covered by cartilage, with ligaments and tendons holding it all together.

Bottom Line:​​​
Not recommended, because it is ultimately an herbal masking product.

This webpage and all evaluations are the personal opinion of Terry Mercer... 
based on the information anyone can find on,,, and other scientific related abstracts, 
articles. I've spent over 20 years in the Nutritional Supplement Industry. 

You are encouraged to look up the ingredients yourself, 
to read the GAIT Study, and 
to be aware of both potential side-effects, 
and the reality of what CAN HAPPEN 
with the OVER-USE of plant derived drugs (aka Herbs), and 
all other ingredients in products you use. 

Our primary focus has been on Joint, Digestion, Reproduction, and General Base Nutrition.

Nutritional safety, effectiveness, and absorption are vital. 
It's been the foundation of the actual Doctors, Nutritionists, Veterinarians, Pharmacologist/Biochemist, 
Clinical Instructors, and Researchers that help start the MD's Choice Project in 1995. 

The people that formulated the MD's Choice/ products,
did the research, still help answer questions on occasion, 

which is how - and why - their key products are priced the same since 1998, 
and there is a 100% Results Based Guarantee that's lasted over 20 years!

Just Think About All That for a Moment, 
about more than just money!

Making a Difference: ONE BODY AT A TIME!

Thousands of HAPPY CLIENTS since 1995

Pure Nutrition, plugged in for Quality Results!

Email us if you have any questions or suggestions

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If your veterinarian isn't on the above list, THAT IS ALRIGHT.  We are happy to forward the clinic files to whom ever your veterinarian might be, where ever they are, for their normal follow up and care of your pet.

If they are local, they can join the list of happy veterinarians whose clients we gladly serve in the off hours for any critical care and  emergency needs, until that veterinarian is able to take over in their own clinic.


Doctors Helping & Consulting

Helping the MD's Choice Project

An independent group of about 9 different doctors.

A (now) retired medical  doctor with a PhD in Pharmacology and biochemistry, after nearly 30 years in the medical field.

A couple PhD  Nutritionists (now retired) from UT, with over 20 years of service and active research.

A couple Certified Nutritional  Specialists (CNS) that are also practicing veterinarians, Drs. Davenport and Martin.

Then there are some other  veterinarians that have a great deal of nutritional studies in their  back ground that helped consult, evaluate, and participate.

These doctors created custom formulas, the specifications that make the products different (and more safely effective).

These doctors have never drawn a salary from MD's  Choice (or They contribute because they believe in  the goals, quality of product, and education MD's Choice stands for.

Frank McAlister

Founder, COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Retired from the US Airforce, as a Communications NCO, and a former Thoroughbred Farm Manager.

Frank has been with MD's Choice, and working with the doctors, since before the company was official.

He's the chief bean counter, bookkeeper, shipping & receiving, and customer service coordinator for MD's Choice.

Has been since his return from his last deployment, in 2001.

As an avid user of the products, and hearing thousands of customer testimonials over the last 20+ years, Frank is well aware of how the products work... when and where they work the best, and the usual dosing.

For the last couple years, because of the 100 mile commute to the office, Frank's usually at the office the first three days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), with a few exceptions.

Carly Mercer

Helping with Editing & Order Fulfillment

Carly was a photographer in the US Air Force.  And previously an owner/operator for her own company.

She started helping with MD's Choice in 2014, when she noticed the difference the products made in her own life. She's still in the learning stages for many things... but answers the phones and helps with over flow, shipping, etc. .

She is really a believer in the Arthrosamine (capsules) & Mag-Cal Plus for herself, and the BeefyChewables for the dogs. She's experienced the difference. 

Terry Mercer

Founder, President  (Marketing & IT)

Terry started helping the doctors in 1995, but didn't start working full time for the company until 1998.

Nearly 20 years in the Computer industry and business marketing. Taught Continuing Education courses at Southern Oregon State College for three years, in the 90's. Published articles on assorted topics, mostly some aspect of Computers, Photography, Exotic Birds, or Scuba Diving. After seeing the difference these products make, he focused on the topic of Nutrition, under the supervision of the doctors, in 1995.

Initially designed or coordinated all the websites, product labels,  marketing and advertising, and selection of manufacturing facilities for MD's Choice/VetSupplements.


with East Tennessee Area Veterinarians

this web site is a free service
to the greater knoxville, TN area
all emergency clinics, and veterinarians in the area are welcome to participate.

If we missed you (on our list), AND you are an emergency clinic, specialty vet, or general practice veterinarian serving the Knoxville, Tennessee (and surrounding areas), and would like to have a FREE LISTING on this site, drop us a line with all necessary information (as well as contact name, phone number, email, and best time).

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